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blog tour post-mortem

After many long, hard weeks out on the road (what am I talking about?), the MOSTLY GOOD GIRLS blog tour has come to an end. I think we all learned a lot of important things about ourselves and our bandmates on this tour. I think we’ve all grown a lot closer after driving 2,500 miles together in Ross’s mom’s old Windstar, after singing along to “Whip My Hair” in eleven different states.

Are you sick of hearing me pretend like my blog tour was a physical, real-life tour? That’s okay. I get that.

Anyway, if you missed any of the good times that I’m referring to (or if you were there for them, but you want to relive the thrills), go here: That’s where you’ll find links to every one of my guest blog posts, and every MOSTLY GOOD GIRLS review and giveaway from the tour. It’s all my humor writing tips compiled in one place, so presumably if you went there and read them all, you would be able to write my next book.

Traveling to Teens did an amazing job organizing this tour, and, when you look at all the blog posts in one place like that, it’s super-impressive!

A big thank-you to all of you who’ve been following along on the tour. My “groupies” if you will. (I know, I know, it’s a virtual tour. I am not in a rock band. I KNOW.)

WriteOn Con

Do you want to chat with me? And also with my literary agent, Stephen Barbara? Do you want to hear the INNER WORKINGS of our author-agent relationship, like how I tell him which pair of sneakers to wear to his agency’s BEA party (true) and how he tells me that I need to date a famous rockstar in order to get in gossip magazines and thus sell more books (also true)?

If so, then you should tune into our WriteOn Con chat tomorrow (Monday, 11/15) at 9PM. Details are here: I promise I will say many wise things that will help you with your writing career. Or, barring that, Stephen will say many wise things that will help you with your writing career, and I will agree with him.

I love judging things

I am judging two things over the coming weeks. One is a YA novel writing contest. The other is a dance-off.

Here’s the deal with the writing contest: I don’t actually do any judging until January, but the contest deadline is November 30, so if you want to win (and who doesn’t like winning?), you have two weeks to get your act together.

Here’s the deal with the dance-off: Jonathan Toubin is the DJ and organizer (I wrote a profile about him for Brooklyn Based a while back: If you live in New York and you are over the age of 21, there is NO REASON for you not to attend this event. The music is amazing, the space is fascinating, the drinks are cheap, and the dancing is out-of-control. Plus, hello, I am on a “distinguished panel of judges,” which is exciting as it means that people will (presumably) respect me more. If there is one thing I love, it’s respect. Also, being judgmental.