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Reminder: reading on Friday

My roommate has just yelled at me for not adequately reminding people that I’m doing a bookstore event on Friday, so here is your reminder! This Friday (1/28), 7:30 PM, at WORD bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I will be doing a reading/panel with fellow YA authors Lauren Oliver and Anna Jarzab. It would of course be lovely to see you there, but don’t worry if you can’t make it, because I will have other events coming up. Details to come once I know what they are.

As for this Friday, my primary goal is to get over my cold enough to not cough up phlegm on to everyone who comes to the bookstore. That seems like a good starting point.

reading at WORD bookstore on Jan. 28

I’m going to be doing a YA NOT? panel at WORD bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, on the evening of January 28th. Details here:

The other people on this panel with me are my friends Lauren Oliver and Anna Jarzab. Did you know all three of us published our debut novels last year? Did you know all three of us have, at one time or another, worked for Penguin? Did you know all three of us got degrees at the University of Chicago, but we did not know each other there? All this trivia AND MORE will be unveiled at our panel!

Also, if you were wondering what “YA NOT?” means– I was, too. I had to ask the bookstore manager. I think maybe you are supposed to pronounce it “Why Not?” Or maybe you pronounce it “Why A. Not?” But I can’t imagine you say, “Ya Not.” That doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, whatever, it’s a panel of awesome teen authors at an awesome independent bookstore, and you should put it on your calendar now and then come hang out with us.