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Book 2 HINTS


I know you are wondering. And I’ll tell you, I could answer that question right now, since the book is done. I have a complete copyedited manuscript sitting in front of me right now. But first, I think I will build some suspense.

Here is what I will tell you for now:

1. It is called PAST PERFECT.
2. It comes out on October 4th.
3. It is not historical fiction.
4. It is not about time travel.
5. This photo, of me at age 19, is highly relevant to the book’s premise:

So, what do you think it is about?

how long does it take you to write a book?

Sometimes I feel like I’m a very slow writer, and it makes me sad. You know, like I’m wasting my life away on other things like “my job” and “having friends” when I could/should be writing a book. Sometimes weeks will go by where I don’t write ANYTHING. Or maybe I write something, but it’s like a page, and it’s bad.

Today I had the following gchat conversation with my friend Ben:

Ben: how long does it take you to write a book?
me: oh, it takes me months
me: and months
Ben: that doesn’t sound like that long for a fucking book

So that made me feel much better.

from the annals of Leila Sales

The below entry is from my journal, from the summer when I was 19 years old. As I recall, and as my journal will confirm, I spent most of that summer sitting on the couch in my family’s sunroom, petting my cat, and reading Meg Cabot books. As follows:

Top Five Steps I Could Take To Get A Boyfriend, Or, If Not A Boyfriend, At Least Two Really Hot Guys Who Love Me And Would Fight Other Guys For Me, Like The Main Character Of Meg Cabot’s “Haunted” Has:

1. I could leave the house sometimes
2. I could, when I leave the house, actually talk to one or two of the people whom I see in the world
3. when I talk to these people, I could perhaps avoid being completely boring and inarticulate
4. I could hone my social graces by talking to my cat occasionally
5. I could develop some feminine wiles

that all sounds really difficult. I should probably just stay home alone, watching TV and reading YA romances so as to develop a better sense of what romance looks like, so I’ll know it when I find it.

good plan.

NYC Teen Author Festival

As you may or may not know, next week is the New York City Teen Author Festival. It exactly coincides with SXSW, which is good because then when all my friends are like, “Man, I am so psyched to be sunning in Austin, Texas, while listening to all your favorite bands play live,” I can respond, “OKAY WELL I AM ALSO GOING TO A FESTIVAL TOO.”

Here is what I’m doing at the NYC Teen Author Festival:

Thursday, March 17, 10 – 11am: Reading at Washington Irving High School, 40 Irving Place, with Eireann Corrigan, Jocelyn Davies, Anne Heltzel, Matt de la Pena, and Patrick Ryan. (By the way, all these people are excellent writers, PLUS ALSO Jocelyn and Anne happen to be two of my dear friends, and I was at both of their birthday parties on the same day two weeks ago. That may say more about the number of parties I go on an average Saturday than it does about anyone’s writing skills, but still.)

Saturday, March 19, 2:45 – 3:30pm: Panel on friends and community in YA lit at the 42nd St. NYPL with Matt de la Pena, Ellen Hopkins, Torrey Maldonado, and Michael Northrop, moderated by Barry Lyga.

Sunday, March 20, 1 – 1:45pm: Signing at Books of Wonder, along with a slew of other authors too numerous even to list.

There are so many other events going on during the festival, too. The complete schedule is on facebook. Plus there will even be one band playing– Tiger Beat, the world’s greatest band comprised exclusively of YA authors. Take that, SXSW.