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I just ate my body weight in whole wheat pasta. I told my roommate that I am “carbo-loading.” What am I carbo-loading for? Revising a manuscript, of course! Why do revisions require a lot of carbohydrates? I don’t know, they just do!

I get that it seems like the only things I talk about on here are eating, sleeping, and my hair, and that may be true, but I guess that’s just what I care about.

a good sign that you have spent too much time writing today

I wanted to name a character “Cabel,” but I couldn’t tell if that was a name or not, so I spent like ten minutes looking it up on facebook, trying to figure out if real people in the world were actually named “Cabel” or whether I had just conflated “Cain” and “Abel” or what.

Then it just occurred to me that the name I was actually thinking of was “Caleb.” Since that actually IS a real name.


playing paperdolls

There are many things I enjoy writing. This list does not include boys’ outfits.

I guess I’m just not well-versed in the options for men’s fashion, but writing these descriptions always just bores the hell out of me. It’s the summertime, so this character is wearing jeans, or possibly jean shorts; and a T-shirt, or possibly a button-down; and sneakers, or possibly flip-flops. Right? I mean, what else do you wear when you’re a 17-year-old boy and you’re casually hanging out in the summertime?

It’s possible that I just write boring, mundane male characters, and this is why they only wear boring, mundane clothes. But really, like, can I give him an exciting headband? Would that be weird?


I spend a lot of time thinking of horrific titles for my second book. For example, I’m really enthused about the idea of calling it Anachronism. What do you think? A hilarious YA novel about friendship and love called Anachronism, by Leila Sales. It just jumps off the page, doesn’t it?

Barring that, I now keep telling my friends that I’m going to entitle it Authentic. And they look really pained, and maybe a tiny bit terrified, like they can’t tell if I have no taste, or if I’m just bad at sarcasm, or what.