Q: What have you written and how can I read it?
A: My novels Mostly Good Girls, Past Perfect, and This Song Will Save Your Life are available from bookstores and online retailers everywhere.

Q: I am a teacher or a librarian. Could you come to my school/library?
A: I love meeting my readers and discussing books and writing with them. I live in New York City, but visits to other parts of the country are doable, too. For information about setting up a school visit with me, please email me directly at leila@leilasales.com

Q: Can you give me any advice on how to get my writing published?
A: The first thing I would tell you about getting published is that it's not easy, and that's okay. If you write five novels, and none of them get published--that's okay. If you submit something you really love to fifteen publishers, and all fifteen reject it--that's okay, too. If it takes you years upon years upon decades to sell a story anywhere--that does not mean that you have failed. When I was fourteen, I vowed to get a novel published by the time I graduated high school, which didn't happen--and, as it turned out, that didn't matter. I really believe that everything you write should be intrinsically rewarding, and that everything you write is a learning experience that will help you write better next time.
Other than that, I could prattle on with hours of writing advice, but for now I'll just limit myself to: Write the story that comes naturally to you. It doesn't have to be an autobiographical story, but it does have to feel true to you, or it won't feel true to anyone else. And it has to be a story that you care about, or else you'll have a tough time convincing your readers to care.

Q: Where do you get your ideas from?
A: This is a cop-out answer, but I almost never remember where my story ideas come from. Often they're inspired by my own life, sometimes they play off books I've read or movies I've seen. Sometimes I really like a book's title, and then when I read the back cover I feel like, "Ugh. I wish this had been about X." And then I write the story that I wish that book had been. I play the what-if game a lot, which mostly just means that I like to daydream. But I like to daydream about fictional characters, and sometimes that turns into a story!

Q: Who designed your website? I love it!
A: That would be my brilliant and accomplished best friend, Allison Smith. You can view more of her design portfolio here. This website is maintained by Brian Pennington.