Other Writing

The Leila Texts
2007-2012. Strangers try to text their friends named Leila. It doesn’t really work out for them.

About the Leila Texts:

PC Magazine (Our Favorite Blogs, 2009)

Gizmodo (“A hilarious world of sex, drugs, affairs, and teenage drama”)


The Hairpin

Brooklyn Based (“Hilarious, witty”)

Wired (“Overheard in New York meets Found magazine”)

Buzzfeed (“Captivating”)

Humor columns for The Chicago Maroon
2004-2006. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Olsen Twins, The Babysitters Club, and my hair.

Chocolate NYC
2012-2014. Eating my way through New York City and beyond, one truffle at a time.

“Acting Confident Online Isn’t the Same As Being Right” Mashable, 2019

“How to Keep Kids From Getting Bullied Online—or Becoming the Bullies Themselves” She Knows, 2018

“Five Lies I Told Online”
Bustle, 2015

“‘Harriet the Spy’ Turns 50”
 Al Jazeera America, 2014

“The Ol’ Dead Dad Syndrome”Publishers Weekly, 2010

“Let’s Attain Better Living Through Music”
The Toast, 2015

“13 Things You Learn About NYC When Doing an All-Night Warriors-Themed Bike Ride”
Brokelyn, 2014

“Inside Ponycon 2016: An ’80s My Little Pony fan tries to understand modern Brooklyn bronies”
Brokelyn, 2016

“On the Need for Selfish Behavior”
Bookish, 2015

“What Authors and Editors Wish They Could Say to One Another”
Publishers Weekly, 2018

“The Most Common Myths About Voter Registration, Debunked”Lifehacker, 2018

“As a Writer, I Am the Most Important Person in This Relationship and on Earth”
Points in Case, 2018

“A Complete List of Everything That I Think Happens in Star Wars Without Ever Watching It”
Bright Wall/Dark Room, 2015

“Why It’s OK When The Girl Doesn’t Get Her Happily-Ever-After—And Why, In Fact, It Might Even Be Better”
Bustle, 2015

“Annotated Rainbow Brite Fan Fiction”
The Hairpin, 2014

“Conversations That Servers in Portugal Might Have Had After Dealing With Me and My Mother”
The Toast, 2014

“A Few Questions for the Hot Guy I Pass on the Way to Work Every Morning”
The Hairpin, 2011

“Marathon Monday: Happy Memories of Patriots Day”
The Huffington Post, 2013

“The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist”
Entertainment Weekly, 2015

“Life After Brooklyn: Austin Edition”
Brooklyn Based, 2018

“The Number 23”
New York Press, 2007

Book review of Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season
The Daily Beast, 2013

Book review of Jess Rothenberg’s The Catastrophic History of You and Me
The Daily Beast, 2012