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..for This Song Will Save Your Life

“[Elise’s] struggle not just to alter what others see but also to find what she wants to see is a poignant reminder that the current presiding perspective is not everything; that there are other opinions and new opportunities for acceptance and joy; that people can and do change, no matter how hard it seems.”—The New York Times Book Review

* “Sales’ narrative, rich with diverse music references, reverberates with resilience. Pulsates with hope for all the misfits.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* “Whether Elise is unexpectedly cynical, despairing, or even exhilarated, her hurt and confusion are the feelings that underlie everything, and teens will connect with her viscerally.”—Booklist, starred review

“The book is funny, insightful and captures with unflinching authenticity the experience of a bullied kid; Sales gets everything right.”—MTV.com

“Leila Sales’s energetic and warm new title celebrates the curious chemistry of friendship, the pull of family, and the transporting and transformative power of music.”—The Boston Globe

“Sales fills her third YA novel with honest insights about high school’s cruel politics, tender conversations between Elise and her equally struggling parents, and visceral descriptions of life as a DJ.”—Publishers Weekly

“[A] sardonic, frequently hilarious, insightful celebration of individuality.”—The Horn Book

“Elise’s path toward self-acceptance is bumpy enough to be credible and poignant enough to be genuinely moving, giving even the most socially awkward readers hope that their tribe is out there.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“A razor-sharp and honest view of a misfit trying to find her place in the world.”—School Library Journal

“A wild, witty, funny, thumping good read.”—Adele Griffin, two-time National Book Award Finalist

“Edgy and irresistible.”—Sarah Mlynowski, author of Ten Things We Did

“A sweet, funny story about finding yourself in a crowd, owning your talents, and rocking out on the dance floor of life.”—Madeleine George, author of The Difference Between You and Me

“A perfect harmony of laugh-out-loud moments, heartbreak, and hope.”—Eileen Cook, author of Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood

“A remarkable story about the power of truth, friendship, and music—to transform us, to inspire us, to guide us back to who we are.”—Rebecca Serle, author or When You Were Mine

“This book will change your life—just open up and press play.”—Jess Rothenberg, author of The Catastrophic History of You and Me

…for Past Perfect

“Ex-boyfriend angst, new-boyfriend jitters and best-friend snits are a heck of a lot funnier when they take place at a historical-reenactment village….Chelsea’s narration is peppered with sharp and witty observation….Hilarious costumed hijinks in the spirit of Meg Cabot.”—Kirkus Reviews

“With its unique premise, the book is filled with specifics about both Colonial life and the lives of the interpreters … and is narrated in Chelsea’s acerbically funny voice …. [T]he setting also allows for more serious meditations on the nature of history, memory, heartbreak, and love.”—The Horn Book

“What sets Past Perfect apart is that it takes place in a colonial reenactment village complete with costumes, romance, and an ongoing rivalry with the Civil War reenactors across the street. Chelsea is an appealing narrator with a sharp sense of humor, and readers will tear through this novel to find out whether she reunites with Ezra or gets together with Dan from the rival museum…. A satisfying and fun read.”—School Library Journal

“Laugh-out-loud hilarious… [with] a lot of heart and truth.”—Jezebel

…for Mostly Good Girls

* “Witty and unpretentious, Violet is a likable narrator….The girls discuss crushes, fashion, and gossip, but Sales delves into more serious issues like the pressure to be perfect and how it can manifest itself. Suggest this one to readers who enjoy the writing style of Ally Carter. A strong debut that is not be missed.”—School Library Journal, starred review

“Private-school culture functions only as a backdrop here; Sales focuses her debut on the dynamics between Violet and Katie, and the friendship story is refreshingly free of confrontational cliques and catty female stereotypes, while short, snappy chapters keep the story moving….Recommend this to fans of Meg Cabot’s novels and academy-based stories.”—Booklist

“Sales conveys the dynamics of the girls’ friendship with honesty and a light touch.”—Publishers Weekly

“This exploration of growing up, personal change and angst is well-written.”—VOYA

“Written as a series of notably short chapters, the names of which provide a fair amount of punch on their own (“Sophistry in Spanish class”),…[Mostly Good Girls is] an enjoyable, light read”—Kirkus Reviews

“Each chapter is like a short story unto itself, infused with a sharp wit and wry humor…. Sales’ laugh-out-loud portrayal of life at an all-girls school makes this tale about friendship incredibly fresh and lighthearted.”—BookPage

“Sales delivers a winning book with which teen girls can not only relate, but also laugh out loud. In her sarcastically funny, vignette-style chapters, Sales manages to make Violet Tunis a character you wish you could be friends with in real life…. Impossible to put down.”—New York Journal of Books

“i can’t believe that leila sales managed to write in the exact perfect YA tone in her V. FIRST BOOK. if i didn’t love her so much, i would want to FACE PUNCH HER.”—Forever Young Adult

“Brilliant, poignant, and straight-up hilarious.”—New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver

“[Some of] the most hilarious paragraphs I’ve read all year. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.”—Presenting Lenore

“[A] phenomenal debut novel.”—Lit Fest Magazine

“The book is extremely identifiable if you were one of those over-achieving, or even slightly aspiring types…. The highlight of the book is the dynamic between Violet and Katie.”—Brooklyn Based

“A funny, smart debut.”—University of Chicago Magazine

“Funny and heartfelt and a little bit excruciating, all at the same time.”—I Heart Daily

“This book was so true, so funny and so poignant, I’m kind of in awe of Leila Sales. I also kind of want to be her best friend.”—First Novels Club

“Snappy and witty, Gilmore Girls-style.”—Gapers Block

…for the Leila Texts

PC Magazine (Our Favorite Blogs, 2009)
Gizmodo (“A a hilarious world of sex, drugs, affairs, and teenage drama”)
Brooklyn Based (“Hilarious…witty”)
Wired (“Overheard in New York meets Found magazine”)
Buzzfeed (“Captivating”)
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“[Sales writes] with perfect comedic pitch as she hits at the heart of what it means to strive, and the ways in which we all struggle to meet our own definitions of success.”—Interview with the Huffington Post

“Sales knows of whence she speaks.”—The Chicago Maroon Interview with the Chicago Maroon

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