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less than two months til PAST PERFECT

As you may be aware, Tuesday, October 4 is a VERY IMPORTANT day. It is Alicia Silverstone AND Rachel Leigh Cook’s birthdays! And, perhaps more to the point, it is the day that my new novel, PAST PERFECT, comes out.

I am working on getting updated with all sorts of pertinent information, like a picture of the book’s cover, and some links so you can preorder it, and some preliminary reviews. But this is hard for me, because I do not have any design skills or computer skills. Pretty much the only thing I can do, in life, is type and eat chocolate, and honestly I don’t even type properly. Computer programming is entirely beyond me.

So, in the interim, while this website is getting up to speed, here is just a photo of the PAST PERFECT cover:

And here is a link to the Goodreads page:

More to come! And only 53 days to go!