from the annals of Leila Sales

The below entry is from my journal, from the summer when I was 19 years old. As I recall, and as my journal will confirm, I spent most of that summer sitting on the couch in my family’s sunroom, petting my cat, and reading Meg Cabot books. As follows:

Top Five Steps I Could Take To Get A Boyfriend, Or, If Not A Boyfriend, At Least Two Really Hot Guys Who Love Me And Would Fight Other Guys For Me, Like The Main Character Of Meg Cabot’s “Haunted” Has:

1. I could leave the house sometimes
2. I could, when I leave the house, actually talk to one or two of the people whom I see in the world
3. when I talk to these people, I could perhaps avoid being completely boring and inarticulate
4. I could hone my social graces by talking to my cat occasionally
5. I could develop some feminine wiles

that all sounds really difficult. I should probably just stay home alone, watching TV and reading YA romances so as to develop a better sense of what romance looks like, so I’ll know it when I find it.

good plan.