I’m writing new books!

I’m writing three new books, to be be precise. And as of today, I can tell you about them!

The first is tentatively entitled Tonight the Streets Are Ours, and it’s scheduled to be published by FSG in Fall 2015. It’s about a teen girl who becomes obsessed with a blogger in New York City, whose online writings dramatize his life as a brilliant young romantic. But when she sets out to track him down in real life, the person she finds both is and is not the boy his blog has led her to believe.

The second book is my first-ever middle grade. That means it’s geared at readers who are roughly 9 to 13 years old (though older readers should enjoy it, too). It’s also my first novel with fantasy elements. I’m so excited to be exploring a new genre and audience! The book is tentatively entitled Once Was a Time, and it’s scheduled to come out in Spring or Summer 2016. It’s about a love between best friends that spans time and place, telling the story of two girls who are wrenched apart when one time travels away from their home in war-ravaged 1940s England.

The third book is another YA novel with FSG, scheduled to be published in Fall 2016. I don’t know yet what it will be about… as soon as I figure that out, I’ll tell you!

Additionally, an audiobook of This Song Will Save Your Life is scheduled to come out this summer (but you can listen to an audio clip now, if you click on that link), and the U.S. paperback edition is scheduled for April 2015.

Please note that these titles and publication dates may shift later down the line. But the bottom line is: guys, there will be books!