Important Notes

1. As you can see in the post below, I JUST RECEIVED ONE FINISHED COPY OF MOSTLY GOOD GIRLS. You don’t get yours until October 5th, but I got mine TODAY. I would love to lend you my copy, except for how I am never going to let it out of my sight. My roommate asked me if I was going to sleep with it under my pillow tonight, and I had to be like, “haha, NO,” as though that hadn’t been my plan before she even suggested it.

These photos don’t really do justice to its beauty. You just have to trust me that it is a stunning, stunning book, and if it doesn’t look it here, that is only because I am not a photographer. At all. These are possibly the first photos I have taken in the year 2010.

2. I went to the Brooklyn Book Fest yesterday, which was very fun, if rainy. My friend Rebecca and I co-wrote a recap about it for Brooklyn Based: Take a look if you want to relive the experience with us, even though mostly the experience we had seems to be about getting our hair wet.