Newburyport Literary Festival – April 30

Last January, my agent introduced me to another one of his clients, Jack Ferraiolo. Jack is the author of two very funny middle grade novels, Sidekicks and The Big Splash, plus he has done many other funny things in his life, plus also and most compellingly, he was a producer for one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Home Movies.

I spent an evening last year with my agent, Jack, and Jack’s editor, and basically the entire time I was like, “Wait, tell me more about Home Movies.” Whenever someone tried to change the subject to discuss “books” or “what we did today” or “should we order food?” I would quickly steer the conversation back toward Home Movies. As you can tell, I am a charming dinnertime companion.

Anyway, the Newburyport Literary Festival is next weekend, and Jack and I decided that we wanted to do a panel on humor writing for kids together. I’m really excited about this. One, because I like to talk about humor writing and what makes things funny. Two, because my dad lives in Newburyport, so I’ll get to visit him. Usually when I visit him, it’s Chirtsmastime, and, guys, Newburyport is COLD in December.

So if you are in the greater New England area, you should come out to the festival to see the panel I’m doing with Jack, and to catch some of the other fabulous authors who will be presenting. Full schedule is here:

Details on my event:

panel with Leila Sales and Jack Ferraiolo, moderated by Lucia Greene
Saturday, April 30, 2:30 PM
Program Room, Newburyport Public Library
Newburport, Massachusetts