Notes from my sickbed

Things I have accomplished today:

1. reading the January issue of Glamour magazine cover to cover
2. doing one load of laundry
3. making and drinking a hot chocolate
4. ordering an earring holder from Etsy
5. napping

Things I have not accomplished today:

1. changing out of pajamas
2. writing
3. washing my face
4. brushing my teeth
5. leaving the house

Hopefully I will recover from this cold soon, since it has turned me into a disgusting person. (Though, hopefully, a disgusting person with a charming new earring rack.)

On the upside, someone who is not me managed to accomplish something more remarkable than drinking a hot chocolate; namely, Brian (who maintains has accomplished updating this website! Some of the changes are small, like there are words on here that used to be illegible that are now legible. Some of the changes are bigger, like how there are videos of me on the links page. Take a look around!

P.S. ACCOMPLISHMENT NUMBER 6: I wrote a blog post. Suck it, illness.