Talking civic engagement with the Girl Scouts

My dad just reminded me that we’re in the thick of Girl Scout cookie season, which means that I should a) order a box of Thin Mints, and b) re-share this interview that I did with the Girl Scouts a couple years ago!

The impetus for this interview was that I’d just created and edited The Little Book of Little Activists, an adorable and empowering photo-illustrated book about real kids speaking up for their beliefs. This was a really exciting book to do, and a massive undertaking, especially because it had to move so fast. Books usually take two, three, or more years to go from concept to publication. This one took seven months.

The Girl Scouts invited me into their main offices to speak about the ideas in The Little Book of Little Activists. Now that I’ve written The Campaign, which is a novel about civic action, I feel like this interview is all the more relevant. Give it a watch here.