Carty Hard

I’m sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath to find out what my team’s theme was for Saturday’s Idiotarod. Wait no longer! I’ll tell you.

Our theme was this:

(Photo credit Sam Horine, for Gothamist.)

If it’s still not clear to you what our theme was (since it was not clear to either of my parents): We all dressed up as Andrew W.K., famed rock ‘n’ roll artist, motivational speaker, tweeter, and partyer.

Andrew W.K. is the writer and singer of songs such as “Party Hard,” “It’s Time to Party,” and “Party til You Puke.” He looks like this:

Thus, our costumes.

The Idiotarod was not great this year. For some reason the organizers decided to make the course route last 13 miles through barren warehouse-land somewhere in Queens. We wound up miles from the nearest subway as night fell, with nothing to help us but a decorated shopping cart and a boom box playing “Party Hard” for the 18th time that day. Poor planning, Idiotarod.

Also, 13 miles? I’m a writer, not an athlete.

Primarily, what I got from Saturday’s Idiotarod was shin splints. But fortunately I also got some great photos of me with greasy party hair and fake blood pouring down my face. You can see some of those pictures here.

Party hard, friends. Party hard.