like the Iditarod, only for idiots

It’s 11:30pm, and I need to get to bed ASAP (instead of sitting here eating ice cream from the carton, as I am currently doing), because tomorrow I have to be up early for the Idiotarod.

“What is the Idiotarod?” you may want to know. Well, do you know what the Iditaord is? It’s a thousand-mile sled dog race across the frozen landscape of Alaska. The Idiotarod is exactly like that, only instead of being a thousand miles in Alaska, it’s roughly six miles in Brooklyn. And instead of being a sled, it’s a shopping cart. And instead of being pulled by dogs, it’s pulled by idiots.

Get the picture?

Also, each shopping cart has a theme. So my race preparation involves absolutely no running, but an awful lot of shopping for costumes and decorations. I prefer that to running.

In 2009, we went as the Oregon Trail of Death:

In 2011, we went as Clam Rock (like glam rock, only with clams):

What will we be this year? It’s a SURPRISE! Just hope I make it back tomorrow with photos, and without any majorly pulled muscles, and then I will tell you all about it.