• my to-do list

    Here is my to-do list from Tuesday: -August 28 – Sept. 13: Tracy leaves –Follow the Line flaps -war -boys -deadline -FML It is entirely unclear to me whether I… Read more

  • how DOES facebook know me so well?

    Sometimes Facebook will tell me that users who share my interest in THE SMITHS are also fans of MORRISSEY. Or that users (like me!) who enjoy NEW ORDER also like… Read more

  • Sometimes I write things, and then I read them over (a few minutes, or days, or months later), and my response is, “What in God’s name was I talking about?”… Read more

  • Anachronism

    I spend a lot of time thinking of horrific titles for my second book. For example, I’m really enthused about the idea of calling it Anachronism. What do you think?… Read more

  • my writing process, sort of

    I was recently describing my “writing process” to a friend. In case you were wondering, my “writing process” is that I sit down at my computer with a big bag… Read more

  • BEA week

    Next week is BEA (Book Expo America), which is the big annual book industry conference. My friend Alix just called it “the CMJ of books.” This is 100% true, except… Read more

  • In working on Book 2, I just googled the phrase, “What chairs were on Civil War battlegrounds?” And I learned that some questions, even Google can’t answer. Also, doesn’t this… Read more

  • omg

    omg a blog!